Frequently Asked Questions

We perform all of our shows at the Etta and Joseph Miller Performing Arts Center, 510 Madison St., in Jefferson City. For Box Office hours, consult our Tickets page.
Our current admission prices are $15 for non-musicals and $20 for musicals. Certain musical productions may offer a children's price of $10 (12 and under.) Please consult our Tickets page for information regarding Box Office hours and ticket prices.
Audition information for each show is published in the Jefferson City News Tribune and on our Facebook page. If you attend any of our performances, there is always information listed in the program regarding auditions for the next show. Information is also posted here on this website. When auditions for a production are scheduled, there will be information listed in the details section for that show. Each production of the season can be selected in the Current Season section.
Auditions are open to the public. However, every show has different needs. Age may be a limitation in some shows, other shows may require singing, dancing, or other talents, as well as acting. The audition information posted for a particular production will give all of the specific requirements for those who want to audition.
Audition materials can be found on the back porch of the TLT building, at 1005 Chestnut Street. and right here on this website. Refer to specific audition information in the local newspaper, on our Facebook page and on this website for more details. You will also need to fill out an audition form. These can always be obtained at the audition, but if you wish to fill one out beforehand, you can print one out here.
Auditions are usually held at the TLT building, 1005 Chestnut Street. Occasionally, they may be held at alternative locations, such as churches, community halls, etc. Refer to specific audition information in the local newspaper, on our Facebook page and on this website for more details.
A show cannot be performed without a crew. TLT defines 'crew' as anyone who helps in any way to bring a show to production without actually performing. In most cases, our actors also volunteer as crew, but please don't let that discourage you. We are always in need of volunteers in all areas. Contact us to find out more about volunteering.
There are many, many areas in need of volunteers, and we always welcome new faces. We have volunteers in areas such as set construction, set decoration, stagehands, ushers, ticket sales and promotion, etc. For a complete list of volunteer positions, consult our Volunteering page.