Audition Information


directed by

Brian Harper and Cynthia Jobe

Date:May 21, 2017
Time:1 p.m.

Where:The Little Theatre rehearsal building, 1005 Chestnut

Audition Details

Characters Available: 25+
Character Descriptions:

Annie (Age 7-14): she is age 11 in the script: Annie is independent, caring, and dreams of the day her parents will return to rescue her. Annie is a belter-with a powerful voice.

Orphans (Ages 7 to 14): Molly, Pepper, the toughest orphan; Kate, the next to littlest orphan; Duffy, the biggest
orphan; Tessie, the cry baby orphan; July, the quietest, orphan; and we will cast additional orphans as we see
fit based on vocal auditions.

Oliver Warbucks (50 - 60): Warm-hearted, stiff-collared billionaire

Miss Hannigan (40's): The mean old drunken principal of the orphanage and we want to see a large, bawdy character

Grace Farrell (20's): The beautiful secretary to Warbucks-and there is a love interest here

Rooster Hannigan (20-30): Miss Hannigan's no-good brother, who is always scheming

Lily St. Regis (20-30): Rooster's floozy girlfriend-somewhat simple

FDR (30-50): The President

Drake (0-65): Warbucks' English butler

Chorus and Other Other Roles (All Adult Ages): We Will be basting for Bundles McCloskey; the laundryman; Dog

Catchers; Lt Ward; NYC policeman; Mrs Pugh; Oliver Warbucks' cook; Cecille and Annette - French Maids; Star

To Be - ingenue who sings like Ethel Merman and is an aspiring actress; Bert Healy - radio personality; New

Yorkers; and Hoovervilles.

Specialty Singers: Radio Singers Bonnie, Connie and Ronnie Boylan and FDR's Cabinet
For more information, contact the director(s), Brian Harper and Cynthia Jobe, at or

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Audition material is available HERE.