Production Information

Jun 06-08, 2019

Thomas Heggen and Joshua Logan
Directed by: Dr. Laura Vedenhaupt

Winner of the 1948 Tony Award for Best Play, this rowdy, realistic saga of a group of American sailors aboard a Navy cargo vessel in the Pacific shows the crew suffering from that deadly boredom that is part of the routine of war. To the ship's company, the Skipper is a cantankerous, small-minded man and every one of them conspires against him as the ship pursued its runs from Apathy to Tedium and back again. Roberts joined the world to fight; he hates being inactive almost as much as he hates the Captain. Privy to the crew's hijinks against the Skipper, Roberts still feels it's his duty to retain some discipline. After winning many ingenious battles against the Skipper, Roberts at last wins himself a transfer to combat duty.
  • Lt. Douglas RobertsWill Runyon Jr.
  • Captain MortonTerry Schoonover
  • DocDon Otto
  • Ensign PulverJerico Whitaker
  • Lt. Ann GirardEmma Tracy
  • Chief JohnsonDick Dalton
  • DolanPeter Lyskowski
  • DowdyJim Rhodes
  • Gerhart/MPJohn Hardin
  • InsignaMike Azar
  • LindstromNoah Newberry
  • MannionZach Azar
  • StefanowskiPatrick Schieber
  • WileyMason Owens
  • Payne/Shore Patrol LieutenantLacey Williams
  • Shore Patrol OfficerEC Walker
  • The AnnouncerChristopher Clark