Production Information

Nov 15-17, 2018

Ron Bernas
Directed by: Claudia Scott

This six-character comedy is a spoof and love letter to the screwball comedies of the 1930's and to stage mysteries in general, featuring witty dialogue and slapstick comedy. Rich, bored Matthew wants to kill his rich, bored wife Julia so he can become a jet setter like his friend who recently lost his wife. Julia, who's always about three steps ahead of him, plays along. And so the game begins - a hilarious year-long match of wits and the witless. During the year the play takes place, there are several mysterious deaths that occur on the grounds of the family estate; a butler who is not what he seems, a detective who can't buy a clue, and two innocents (sort of) caught in the hilarity as they plan their wedding. It ends in a nice bang and with a bit of a message about the importance of love.
  • Matthew PerryBrian Harper
  • Julia PerryMaggie Eggen
  • ButtramKeith Krueger
  • Bunny PerryElizabeth Weider
  • DonaldJohn Hardin
  • PlotnikGreg Barnes