Getting Involved
Each TLT performance is a labor of love, and volunteers keep the show going! You are invited to share in the excitement of the performing arts by becoming a volunteer. We welcome volunteers of all ages and walks of life -- high school students to business people to seniors. We can use your help with a variety of volunteer opportunities - Actors, stagehands, properties,costumes, makeup, sound and lights, front of house, stage managers, even directors! We're all volunteers, and we all have one thing in common. We all love theatre! So consider volunteering or auditioning for one of our shows. You'll be glad you did!
Audition For A Production
TLT holds open auditions for all of our shows, so we welcome anyone to audition.

The audition process varies slightly from one show to the next, but here is a general idea: audition materials will become available on this website or on the back porch of our rehearsal hall approximately 1 month before the audition.   Materials will include music cuts (for our musicals) and script cuts specific to a character or group of characters.  You are invited to obtain any and all materials you will need in order to prepare for the audition.

The day of the auditions, please arrive a few minutes early to complete an audition form (if you haven't already) and also to prepare yourself mentally. Auditions can be very stressful, and being in the right frame of mind helps a lot.   All auditioners will be seated in a room with the audition board.  The director will call on one or more people to stand in front of the board and read a specific scene.  Once you are finished with that scene, you will be seated and wait to be called for another scene. Unless you need to leave early, you are encouraged to stay and watch the rest of the auditions, even if you are finished with all of your readings.  Even a seasoned actor can benefit from watching how others have interpreted their parts.

After auditions are over, you will be contacted if you are being considered for a part.  Good luck!
Become a Director
The Director is the overseer of the entire production. The Director's job starts long before the production goes live. As soon as a Director is given a show, he or she starts planning. The production is the Director's vision, and it is the job of the Director to work with the production staff and the actors to make sure that vision is realized on stage.

A Director must have good leadership skills. He or she is in charge of the direction of each rehearsal and production. A Director must also have good listening skills. He or she must be willing and able to listen to the actors, the production team and his or her own instincts. The Director may have an idea about what the play should look like, but having an open mind and being open to suggestions from the production team can make a good production great.

Directors should ideally have a good working knowledge of all aspects of the production. A director who has run the light board will be more capable of communicating his or her ideas for lighting to the light crew. A Director who has worked as a stage-hand will be able to choreograph scene changes more easily. All aspects of the production should be understood by the Director. This makes for a smooth show run, from auditions to the final performance.

It is very desirable for Directors to learn as much as they can about every phase of a production before they accept a show of their own. This is why it is very strongy suggested that Directors not only hold the position of Assistant Director for a previous TLT production, but hold as many production staff and crew positions as possible, especially Stage Manager and Production Manager.
Join a Production Crew
Ever wonder what goes on backstage at a production? Join a production crew for one of our shows and find out! Gain valuable theatre experience with a number of different jobs, and have fun, too!

There is room for help in every area, including set construction, set decoration, properties, costumes, makeup, sound, lights, and ushers. There are skill requirements for some areas, but for others all you need is the willingness to learn. If you would like to help on any production, please contact our Executive Production Manager, or enter your information into our Volunteer Database.

Here are some key crews. Select the crew you are interested in to see the description, including skills and availability requirements:

Set Construction
Set Decoration
Properties (Props)
Ticket Sales

Join the Production Staff
If you're up for a bigger challenge, you can become part of our production staff.  These positions require more experience in their respective areas, and some require certain qualifications, but there are ways to gain that experience. Select a position for a description:

House Manager
Stage Manager
Asistant Stage Manager
Production Manager
Assistant Director

Register As a Volunteer
If you would like to help with future productions, you can enter your information into our database that ONLY our production staff has access to. Click here to register.

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Set Construction
Set Decoration

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